Crowdsourcing Highway Safety

The Team


My amazing wife, Dr. Casey Kiefer

Paul Hutson

Jack Hutson

Matt Suffern

Tommy Lee

Brian Davis

Denise Godfrey

Malcolm Deighton

Cooper Fisher

Mike Gemma

Dr. John Cavaroc

Mack Nance

Charlie Gray

Steve Dingledein

Jim Edwards

Samantha Black

Jerry Karth

Marianne Karth

Isaac Karth

Jeannette Holman-Price

Dave Kiefer

Matt Kiefer
Lydia Kiefer

Zach Moore

Nick Dobes

Dr. Gregory Buckner

Ted Matwijec

Patty Matwijec

Curtis Olive                                                    

Matt Sams

Kevin Gilliand

Billy Zahn

John Flanagan

Mike Sutton

Ryan McMahan

Michael Whitley

Sean Dennis

Trevor Peoples

Patrick Morgan

Eric Arms

Rob Hermann

Tim Moore

Kris Moore

The Future

The design has been proved, now the products need to be fully researched, prototyped, and developed so they can be brought to market to save lives. 


The Karth 501c3 Foundation has partnered with Collision Safety Consulting in this research.  Click below to learn about their story and to get involved.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.

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